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Marriage records from to can only be obtained from the Manhattan Office. Marriage records for marriages that took place in the past 50 years are only available to the bride, groom, or their legal representative. You can also obtain a marriage certificate with written, authorized notice from either spouse or by presenting the original death certificates if both spouses are deceased. New York, NY Staten Island, NY Application for a Record of Divorce or Dissolution.

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Keep in mind, however, that New York divorce files are sealed for one hundred years. Share Flipboard Email. New York City Divorce Records.


Continue Reading. They also do not include births and deaths in Albany, Buffalo and Yonkers prior to , or marriages in those cities prior to Birth reports included the names of the parents, and the sex, race and name of each child born alive.

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The town clerk or city alderman was required to send an abstract to the county clerk or health inspector. The county clerk or health inspector was required to send an abstract to the Secretary of State. Births, deaths and marriages are required to be reported within 3 days of their occurrence with the city, town or village clerk. Birth certificates signed by the physician or midwife are required to be filed within 30 days of the birth.

Filing of the birth certificate is required within five days of the birth.

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The State Health Commissioner is authorized to subdivide or combine two or more primary registration districts. The State Health Commissioner is authorized to charge fees for certified copies of birth and death records and for searches of files or records.

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Stillbirth registration is required. Birth certificates are made legal evidence for personal identification. The original birth certificate is sealed and replaced by an amended birth certificate whenever the parents of an illegitimate child subsequently marry; the child was adopted; or the child's parentage was determined by a court.

Amended birth certificates are available at the Department of Health only. Sealed birth certificates are available by court order only. Certificates were required to be filed with the Department of Health at such times as the Commissioner directs. Transmittal is required on the fifth of each month. Prior to this only notice of the amendment and a directive to seal the original birth certificate was sent to the local registrar.

The newsletter was discontinued in It was revised and republished in The local registrars receive a Report of Fetal Death form that must be destroyed within 30 days.