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Motorhomes, off-road vehicles, yet vehicle converters are not covered. There is some coverage for used cars within the New Jersey Lemon Law, which we will discuss later. The New Jersey Lemon Law covers passenger vehicles, any motor vehicle which is used and designed for the transportation of passengers, other than an omnibus or a school bus and motorcycle which is purchased, leased, or registered in the state of New Jersey.

The lemon law does not cover the living facilities of motor homes, but it does cover used vehicles. The Lemon Law does not cover defects that were caused by an accident, abuse, vandalism, neglect, or unauthorized modifications or alterations of the vehicle. Furthermore, all repairs should be done by the manufacturer, its agent, or an authorized dealer in order to help your lemon law case.

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Vehicles which were purchased or leased after October 1, have a different timeline and the presumption on the manufacturer is also different. For vehicles purchased or leased after October 1, , the manufacturer is presumed to have been unable to repair or correct a nonconformity within a reasonable time if, within the first 24, miles or during the two 2 years following the original date of deliver to the consumer — whichever is first — one of the following occurs:. For motorhomes, if the consumer presents the motorhome to a repair facility that is not authorized by the manufacturer to provide service on that motorhome, then that is not considered as an examination or a repair attempt.

This can be provided to the consumer by the dealer, but must include all information including, but not limited to:. The Lemon Law also requires that you send a letter to the manufacturer by certified mail, return receipt requested, informing them that you believe that you have a claim and that you are giving the manufacturer a final opportunity to resolve the problems.

After the manufacturer has received your letter have ten 10 days to make a final repair of your vehicle. If the case is resolved between you and the manufacturer you should inform the Lemon Law Unit of the conclusion. If the claim is rejected by the manufacturer and they refuse to refund your money or replace your vehicle, you have the following options:.

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To file a claim under the Lemon Law, you will need a copy of the letter to the manufacturer, your return receipt verification, and your final repair attempt notice. However, the consumer would prefer to try and arbitrate the case and the manufacturer has established an informal dispute settlement procedure pursuant to 15 U. Part , or pursuant to the requirements of the lemon law, then they may proceed with arbitration.

Although attorneys are not usually allowed to be present during the arbitration process, this is where you might consider retaining an attorney. The manufacturer certainly has attorneys who are researching your case and giving them advice which is a right that you have as well.

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The decision of the arbitrators is a binding decision for the manufacturer, but it is not for the consumer. If the administrative law judge decides in your favor and the director of Consumer Affairs agrees with the decision, you will be given a refund plus other costs. If you are unsatisfied with the decision of the court, you have 45 days to file for an appeal in the Appellate District of the Superior Court which can be reached at You may also wish to file a complaint with the state or the Better Business Bureau.

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There are online links that can help you file a complaint with the correct agencies. If you wish to file a complaint and mail it in, you should download the form or call the Division of Consumer Affairs at Lemon Law in the state of New Jersey Code.

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New Jersey Lemon Law Unit. Auto Leasing Guide.

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National Consumer Protection Week. These defects must substantially impair the use, value, or safety of the vehicle and cannot be repaired by the dealer or manufacturer. The used-car law requires dealers to provide a limited warranty for certain vehicles and applies only to vehicles which have problems under the warranty. The used-car Lemon Law enables consumers to have their complaint heard before an Administrative Law Judge. Besides, online services will not let you get any misinformation about the vehicle you're going to buy, such as hiding the history of previous repairs, or odometer reversing.

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Only valid information can be found on a VIN check site. If you're a seller not a buyer, it's also essential for you to do a VIN check.

New Jersey state law obliges every car seller to set a valid price of their device, and an online VIN checker is the best way to explore how much every vehicle costs depending on its background. In general, apart from the basic information, every online VIN check service can provide a customer with such information as flood, theft history, odometer data, accident history, and salvage. The only thing you should do is to type a car's VIN into the search window and press "enter". If you buy an older car, the absence of this code is rare but possible, but if the car's production year is or later - be careful: a vehicle without a VIN can be stolen.

New Jersey is a part of the National Motor VIS which means that this state is obliged to tell its citizens only verified information.

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Be sure that all the data on every online VIN check service is valid and had been checked thoroughly and even for many times. Page Overview. The locations of a VIN number can vary depending on a car model and a year of its production.