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KD, in PA a couple can essentially marry themselves, meaning no officiant is needed.

Marriage licenses

Tom, can you take the form back to the clerk possibly or go to another office and ask. You can do this in Colorado, too. No officiant or witnesses needed. I didn't think it was a separate license though.

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Maybe it is I've never actually seen it done here! I don't know much about this, but I read that depending on which county you go to, the courts are more accepting. If you think you filled it out wrong I would just call the court. They are supposed to guide you, sorry you had that experience. I found an article about it on another site, maybe it will help you.

Just make sure you do your ceremony in the county where you got the license and that you have 2 witnesses present so they can sign the certificate stating they witnessed it. Thanks so much for all of the responses. The County is not very helpful, but I'm going to contact another county to see if someone can shed a little more light on this.

Nancy- I'm a little concerned about your comment because our ceremony is in a different county than the one that issued the self-uniting license. I suppose we could always do a simple ceremony at home the day before, but we were hoping that it could all happen during our ceremony. I know that a regular marriage license is good for any PA county- I never saw anything to say that a SU one was any different. I'll ask about that too. I used to live in PA and looked into getting married there.

It looks like only some counties issue self-uniting marriage licenses and not all the counties recognize them.

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I found this article from several years ago. The counties have different rules about whether they recognize self-uniting marriages, and you wouldn't necessarily know if your marriage is legal or not until it was challenged, and then it's too late to fix.

Personally, I wouldn't be comfortable with that, but if you still want to do this, I would really recommend hiring a lawyer in your county to make sure that your marriage would be accepted. Tom: You're right, the general rule is that you can get a marriage license in one county of Pennsylvania and use it in any other county. The problem is that some court clerks take the position that self-uniting marriage licenses are valid only if the parties are Quakers or Ba'hai. However, it appears that some counties perhaps Delaware County? So to avoid any question, you may want to make sure that you both get your license, and get married, in a county that does not impose religious restrictions on self-uniting marriages.

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Agricultural Preservation. Row Officers. Box You can learn how to get a marriage license, a marriage certificate, or marriage records from your local Marriage License Office, Clerk, Health Department, or Town or City Hall. Likewise, a license issued in any other county in Pennsylvania may be used in Montgomery County. Applicants must be 18 years of age in order to apply for a marriage license. This rule. How much does a Pennsylvania marriage license cost?

Because the licenses are issued at the county level, the cost depends on where you apply. For example, Centre County charges 50 while Bucks County charges