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Family Law We can help with post-divorce issues including modification of child support, visitation, custody , spousal support, collecting support payments, contempt of court charges and more. Explore Family Law Services. Looking for a lawyer in Cherokee County GA? Affordable representation from filing and litigation to jury trials. I hired Mr. Ballinger for my son's DUI.

If we had not hired him, my son would be in jail now. Ballinger was great at walking us through the process and explaining everything. Because of a motion that was filed contesting the evidence, some of it was not allowed to be used against my son. Without the evidence, the prosecutor could not go forward with the original charges.

As a result, my son will be going back to college this fall without a criminal record.

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Thank you, Mr. Meet With Eric Ballinger. How can this be? The very people who sacrifice so much for our country come back home to find their dreams shattered instead of realized. Thankfully, there are many groups out there who stand with our military and support our vets after returning home. This program serves members of the military and veterans by connecting them with members of the State Bar of Georgia who are willing to offer their legal services for a reduced fee or even for free.

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Members of the military and veterans can have a diverse but similar set of legal needs that are specific to their service in the military, and they also might have civil legal matters in their personal lives that need to be addressed. They might encounter financial or disability issues as a result of the sacrifices they made while in the military serving our country.

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After returning from military service, many of our veterans encounter financial limitations because they have difficulty finding or keeping a job. Unfortunately, some military jobs do not translate well into civilian jobs here at home in the States. While there are some employers who focus on hiring veterans, they are few and far between when compared to the vast amount of opportunities to civilians. This is why we offer our legal services for free to our veterans and service members through the State Bar of Georgia Military and Veterans Legal Assistance Program.

In addition to the stress of finding and keeping a job, some veterans return home with disabilities that can make finding and keeping a job that much more difficult.

They also sometimes experience difficulties on the job because of disabilities. Unfortunately, getting assistance because of a disability can be a difficult task for veterans.

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All too often, they are subjected to an endless cycle of bureaucracy. Thankfully, there are programs to help disabled vets receive the legal help they need to get on with their lives after suffering an injury while in service or a disability that has developed because of the time they spent in service to our country as a service member. In addition to legal matters that are specific to our service members or veterans, there are also civil legal matters to tend to.