Best search engines for people search

No matter the reason, these free people search sites can help you find what information is available. We took a look at the best options for those on tight budgets.

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When you click links from this website, we may be compensated. This video was made with Ezvid Wikimaker. Your browser doesn't support HTML5 video. Here is a link to the video instead. The main reason people opt for free is because it doesn't cost any money.

50 Best People Search Engines to Track Down Anyone

But there can be other benefits as well. Some of these options are an indication that you don't always get what you pay for. It's always a good idea to know what people might find out when they search your name, and it's an even better idea if you can control it. Follow these tips to take control of your public appearance, but remember that just because it isn't on the first page of your Google search results, that doesn't mean it can't be found. There are two main methods for digging up a person's information.

You can either go with a site that specializes in the practice, or you can try to sift through social media. Both have pros and cons. Ideally, you will do both. But limited time requires choices to be made. Unfortunately, most full background checks will require a paid service.

If that's what you need, here is a list of some of the best available. Free background checks aren't infallible. You aren't likely to be able to find certain information without forking over a little cash. You can save yourself a lot of trouble and pinpoint good information much quicker if you know how to use search operators. Not only are there hundreds of Don Johnsons across the country, but one of them happens to be quite famous — so he dominates the search results.

Finders Losers

Place the minus symbol in front of your query to exclude results related to a certain keyword. Google has dozens of these handy operators — way more than we have space to mention here — so we highly suggest you check out our guide to mastering Google search. Pipl mitigates this problem by clustering results belonging to a single person into a simple, easy to read profile, and also suggests items that might be related to that specific individual. As per usual with these kinds of sites, people makes use of a proprietary search algorithm to trawl the Deep Web and spit out relevant information like public records, phone numbers, addresses, images, videos, Web content, and email addresses.

WolframAlpha is a valuable tool for academic and research purposes, as it provides statistics and definitions for user queries.

It uses the money it earns from ad revenue to plant trees. It currently has over 7 million active users, and has planted more than 28 million trees.

Should We Write Content for People or Search Engines?

As far as search engines go, Qwant is very feature rich. It has the expected web, news, image, and video search.

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Qwant also has social, shopping, and music searches as well. Christian Stewart stewofkc. Tweet This.

40 Advanced and Alternative Search Engines

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