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Now Representative Ford might potentially face the same fate. He's awaiting trial on a federal bank fraud charge to which he has pleaded not guilty. A narcotics charge sent Mark Mitchell to prison decades ago.

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Today he has four college degrees and, he says, a clean record. But he still can't find a job, and he's been out of prison for 20 years. Another founder of that group is Benny Lee.

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According to a recent IDOC survey, 38 percent of inmates tested were below sixth grade reading and math levels. State officials believe it is a primary cause for the lack of jobs for inmates once released, and a major factor for a 47 percent recidivism rate in Illinois. Still, in Illinois, there have been some changes.

Prison Inmate Death After Run-In with Staff Ruled Homicide

The state offers tax incentives for businesses hiring ex-offenders. Mayor Rahm Emanuel's office announced this spring an increase in the number of ex-offenders receiving job training. The CTA since has hired ex-offenders as apprentices.

Employees who express bigotry or hatred toward incarcerated individuals or other staff are subject to disciplinary action," Jeffreys said in a statement. Anders Lindall, a spokesman for the union representing the corrections officers, said the group does not condone or tolerate bigotry, but every member "is entitled to fair representation and due process, which it's our duty to ensure.

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Some of the offensive comments were made in response to news stories about Strawberry Hampton, a transgender woman who is suing several prison guards and prison employees. In her lawsuit, Hampton alleges she was sexually and physically abused by correctional officers at the Pinckneyville Correctional Center in Pinckneyville and the Menard Correctional Center in Randolph County due to her gender identity and as retaliation for complaints against officers. Vanessa Del Valle, an attorney representing Hampton, said the Facebook posts show what transgender women have to deal with on a "daily basis.

Hampton has since been released from prison, and her case remains pending in federal court, Del Valle said. The corrections department is also involved in other lawsuits involving transgender inmates.

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The applicant is a minor 17 years of age or under. The applicant is: 4. On house arrest. On bond, has an open criminal case, excluding misdemeanor traffic cases.

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The applicant has an outstanding warrant, including ICE detainers or has failed to maintain accurate registration records as required by law e. The applicant has a protective order placed on the inmate they are requesting to visit. Any safety or security reasons as determined by a CCSO supervisor. Visitors are required to follow Cook County Department of Corrections visitor rules and regulations at ALL times while on facility grounds.

Failure to do so may result in the termination or denial of future visits. To apply for visitation, search for the inmate that you wish to visit below.