Hyphenate last name change of infant on birth certificate

Why Might Hyphenation Be a Bad Thing?

This procedure is similar to the procedure for changing your own name. The court uses a slightly different process for a petition and order for changing a child's name. The forms were prepared for use in Maricopa County but can be used in other Arizona counties if you change "Maricopa" to your county name in the pleadings.

Typically, the child's other parent will have to be notified of your application to change the child's name. If the other parent does not object, the simplest thing to do is have both parents sign the Petition. You can also have the other parent sign a consent to the name change. If he does not object in writing or at the hearing, the court is likely to order the name change. If the other parent does object, the court is less likely to order the change, particularly if the other parent has maintained a relationship with the child.

There may be other reasons the court will approve the name change even if the other parent objects. If the other parent will not sign the consent, you will need to serve him with notice of the hearing on the name change. He can sign an acceptance of service, which says he received notice, or you may have him served by certified mail or a process server.

How to change your child's surname

If you serve him by certified mail, you must serve him at least 30 days before the hearing and he must have signed the return receipt for the certified mail. You will file the return receipt along with an Affidavit of Service by Certified Mail. If you do not know where the other parent is you may serve him by publication. First you must try to locate him.

Name Change for Adults & Children | NY CourtHelp

Contact any friends or family members, check his last employer, etc. If you still cannot find him you may serve him by publishing your Petition in a newspaper available to the general public in the county where he was last known to have lived. It is a good idea to call a few newspapers in the area to find which is least expensive, as the rates vary widely.

I want to change her last name to mine, but documents say both signatures are required.

How to Change a Child's Name in New York

He is in prison for 10 years.. Maricopa County Judicial Branch. Arizona Supreme Court Programs Unit.

Arizona Click below or call to check eligibility. Click Here. We'd like to hear from you. Take the survey: English. Requirements for corrections vary based on the type of correction being filed. Please select from the correction types listed below to view the specific requirements.

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All forms identified are available at the office of the Local Registrar. You must also upload verifiable documentation to support the correction requested as well as your proof of eligibility to obtain a certified copy of the record. Please note that adoption and legal name change requests are currently excluded from this online service.

If, after reading the information below, you have further questions, please call and choose the option 4 for "Questions regarding correcting your vital record". Please note: The Office of Vital Statistics and Registry will not replace previously issued copies once an amendment is completed. To amend your name on a birth, marriage, civil union or domestic partnership record, mail the following documents to the address listed below.

Corrections to the spelling of the surname can be made via an Amendment application form, available at any vital records office, with acceptable, verifiable documentation. In order to:. Non-Phonetic changes can be requested, and shall be made by submitting to the Local or State Registrar an amendment application form, available at any vital records office.

All requests for a non-legal name change are reviewed completely and applicants are advised if a request for name change will be approved according to policy, procedure and applicable New Jersey State Statute.

Applicants may be instructed to petition the court for a legal name change. In this situation there are many variables, the information below provides guidance on many of these cases.

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Please review the case example that applies to your situation. Biological parents who marry after the birth of a child may have the birth certificate amended to include the name of the father, even if already on the record, and update the legitimacy status. The parents must provide proof of the marriage. Forms can be processed by either the Local Registrar in the town where the birth occurred or the Office of Vital Statistics and Registry. You can file your request to change the name of your child at your local Probate and Family Court. You need to give public notice of the petition by publishing it.

The citation for publication will be sent to you by the court. If a family is seeking to change the name of 2 or more children with the same legal parents or guardians, you will only have to issue 1 citation. You must arrange to have the citation published in a local newspaper and mailed according to the instructions given in the order of notice on the citation.

The mailing must be by certified mail, return receipt requested. See Service of Process in the Courts for more information. If the name change is requested by anyone who is incarcerated , on probation or parole , or committed to the Massachusetts Treatment Center as a sexually dangerous person , you must also serve the citation by mail on:. After publication and mailing, return the original citation with a clipping of the notice from the newspaper, the green return receipt postcard, and your signature certifying that you mailed and published the notice to the court.

If you have a good reason for the notice not being published, you can file a motion to waive publication. An affidavit a sworn statement must be filed with the motion explaining why you do not want the notice published. You may have to go before a judge to present your reasons. How soon your case will be heard will depend on the backlog of cases in the Probate and Family Court where your case has been filed. If there are objections to the petition, the court will conduct a trial to hear them. The court can either dismiss the petition or enter a decree permitting the name change.

If there are no objections, the court may make a decision without a hearing.