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I am not a criminal, have never been arrested nor done anything to warrant an arrest, have a reasonable driving record, work hard, have an above average education, intellect and achievement.

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I'm a nice person and an occasional church goer - I live a quiet, unobtrusive life. Why was I being stalked? Unfortunately, because it happened for several years it affected my well being and I started to have a distrust of authority which I had never had up to this point. It affected me due to its persistence and profound inappropriateness.

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I called to report it more than once and got the run around from low level employees who probably had no idea what was going on. It is absolutely being abused and needs to be stopped immediately. Vigilant and Harris corp. Vigilant is allowing police to "track" your car via plates.

Nobody said that was ok.

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None of this court order BS. Tell me how you don't need a warrant for a Tower Dump! Know your rights.

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For almost years, the ACLU has worked to defend and preserve the individual rights and liberties guaranteed by the Constitution and laws of the United States. Free Future. Facebook Twitter Reddit Email Print. View comments 2. Read the Terms of Use. Anonymous When I lived in Florida around I was continually 'shadowed' by police offers on my commute.

June 5, PM. Anonymous Vigilant and Harris corp. June 7, AM. The Public Records and Support Services Specialist will inform you as to the status of the case and whether records will be available.

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Please note - you may receive a record that has been redacted, as we follow Florida State Statutes governing redaction of certain types of information. We will note the specific statute s that pertain to your record redactions. We accept cash, credit card 2.

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Chris Crawford at , ext. Contact Information Lt. Crime Reports Crime reports are generally available to the public within a few days following the incident; however, this may be affected by various circumstances, and they MAY NOT always be available immediately. Arrow Left Arrow Right.