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Learn more about your family members in these records from Salt Lake County, Utah and uncover important biographical details to include in your family history. There are more than 33, records representing births in the most populous county of Utah. These county birth records date from before Utah was admitted as the 45th state in , and document over 20 years of births in Salt Lake County. Salt Lake County, home to Salt Lake City, has long been the largest city in the state and both the county seat and the state capital.

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Find out important information about your ancestors, which can help you to fill in gaps in your family history and allow you to find additional records about your family. Find out important details you may never have known like the name of the officiator and their exact date of marriage.

This collection includes more than 5. These marriage records date back to the time of the Indiana Territory, first organized by the newly independent United States in , and continue for nearly years, up until During this time period the population of the state exploded from around 24, in to over 4 million by Use these records to trace multiple generations of the Indiana families in your lineage. You can then apply what you discover to our other collections of Indiana records, federal census and military records and local newspapers.

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