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Janet Alston Jackson. Through her trainings and coaching, she follows her mission to help others have the wonderful relationships they deserve. For 17 years, Janet and her husband, author Walter Jackson, have taught thousands an easy and fast way to read and understand others to reduce and eliminate conflicts using a proven technique. A communications expert, Janet incorporates her television experience 20 years promoting celebrities for ABC and CBS , combined with the Spiritual Teachings she learned attending a ministry college for four years.

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Because I'm an artist myself, I understand that artists are unique people, with their own methods of communicating and dealing with the physical world around them. I work with artists to help them to realize what their next step is or next steps are that can take them to their ultimate goal, while understanding and lessening resistance. To help them see the signs around them so that they can see the path s available, on their way to their dream. Because of my experience with and in the entertainment world, I can help the person to not only understand the business, but to approach it spiritually for their best advantage.

Looking forward to hearing from you and to helping you get on your next step, and the next, and the next. Looking forward to assisting you with your journey. Leah Patterson.

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